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Declaration of compliance for food contact material

As part of Expanite’s ongoing efforts to document our quality and compliance with the highest standards, we recently applied for the registration and audit by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA). Based on this audit, Expanite is now able to provide a spotless written declaration of compliance for food contact materials. In other words, it’s judged as being safe to apply Expanite surface hardening to your stainless steel parts if they are to be used in connection with food processing.  

You can download the Declaration of Compliance for our patented SuperExpanite® process for parts and materials, which are intended to be in contact with food.

When the ultimate is needed - RennTeam Uni Stuttgart

Based on the innovative solutions for surface hardening of titanium, Expanite has consulted and advised the students at the RennTeam Uni Stuttgart in identifying and solving some of their challenges with wear on the titanium parts for their racing car.

Summer vacation still means open doors at Expanite

At Expanite we know how important it is for you to get your orders back in time – and especially in these challenging times – so during the months of July and August all our facilities stay fully opened, with the same opening hours and delivery times as any other time during the year. 

We still wish everyone a great summer and a nice vacation time! 

Missed our webinars?

We are overwhelmed and grateful that more than 100 engineers, purchasers, quality staff, etc. signed up for the webinars we hosted in June. We hope all of you had a great informative time –it was fantastic to host so many interested people, and receive so many great questions during the Q&A session. 

If you missed out, don’t worry! We will continue with webinars in September/October - stay tuned on and LinkedIn!

Expanite still has: the shortest lead times
in the industry

Please remember: our standard lead time for stainless steel hardening is 6-9 working days—the shortest in our industry – and if needed, we do have the ability to expedite orders within 3-5 working days; even sometimes day-to-day!

Abrasive wear and corrosive issues in pump industry solved with the Expanite technology

Stainless steel is the material of choice where corrosion and/or migration properties are of importance – thus well suited for the food & beverage processing industry. In many cases, however, the relatively soft surface of stainless steels is prone to excessive wear and/or galling. This is a major concern, especially in pumps where abrasive and corrosive media is handled.