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Expanite side-by-side test!

Two ExpaniteLow-T furnaces running final acceptance tests with Seco/Warwick in Poland – both are ready for shipping in September to two different locations in Asia. We will announce more about these new treatment sites shortly - stay updated on our LinkedIn profile.


SuperExpanite surface hardening replaces hard chrome plating

LIAG®LÄUFER, the specialist in hygienic shutter valves, had experienced challenges with abrasive wear and corrosion resistance. They tried different surface hardening solutions, which all caused corrosion after short time in use - then they found Expanite...

Marcel A.J. Somers awarded 


We are proud to announce that one of the Expanite founders, Professor Marcel A.J. Somers has been awarded the dual honour of both receiving a rarely bestowed medal and giving a commemorative lecture at the 26th Congress of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering in  Moscow, Russia.

Sigma Phase in Duplex? - Never with Expanite!

Duplex stainless steels contain 2 types of microstructure, austenite and ferrite. Hence the name duplex. 
In simple terms, the combination of these two phases is what causes duplex alloys to be highly sensitive with respect to the formation of the so-called “Sigma phase” (s-phase), because the s-phase primarily will form in the boundary between austenite and ferrite, growing into the ferrite.

Updated catalog

We have updated and improved our catalog. 

Download and learn more about the Expanite surface hardening processes.


Expanite speakers at seminars

Rune Strand

Our Project Material Specialist Rune Strand is invited to speak over the topic: “Methods for improving wear resistance”  at a conference at the Danish Technological Institute, October 3, 2019.

Thomas Strabo Hummelshøj

Our CTO Thomas Strabo Hummelshøj will be speaking at the ASM Heat Treat conference, October 15 - 17, 2019 in Detroit. 

Process Expo

Expanite will exhibit at the Process Expo Oct. 8-11, 2019 in Chicago. Please visit our booth: #863.Use code: 23562 to get your free pass.



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