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We can’t wait…

As we prepare to leave one of the most challenging years in decades, we would like to look back at some bright sides for a moment and share a few highlights from our world with you.

Most importantly, we managed to keep our employees and their families safe from any serious effects of Covid-19, and by reducing working hours in the critical months during the lock-down, we managed to ensure that everybody had a job to return to when businesses reopened over summer and in the fall. In the recent months we have experienced a strong return in business – to an extend that makes it possible for us to grow sales in 2020 with double-digits compared to 2019. For us it’s a sign of Expanite having a robust base of loyal customers and a good level of newcomers.

As for 2021, we remain cautiously optimistic; we have a strong pipeline of new projects combined with the base from 2020. So we expect to increase capacity on the people and equipment side in all three regions: Europe, Asia and North America during 2021. We will return with more information in the coming newsletters.  

Please let me use this opportunity to wish you all, customers, partners and friends of the company, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous healthy New Year.
Best regards,
Thomas Abel Sandholdt

Expanite webinars – a great success, did you miss out?

We are very excited that so many attended our latest round of webinars – more than 200 people from around world participated. If you missed it, please stay tuned since we will arrange yet another round of webinars from early 2021 as well.   
The last webinar in December will be a joint session (in German) with our friends and partners from Werz Spezialhärteri - learn more here
 If you miss specific information from the webinars or have any ideas for topics that you think we should cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will consider it for the 2021 program.
Should you or your colleagues feel the need for an "on-demand" webinar we will be happy to arrange it at your convenience; just let us know.

x7 times better performance!

The Danish specialist company, who focuses on high-end tools for bricklayers, has with great success applied Expanite hardening on some of their tools in austenitic and martensitic stainless steel. 

"Previously we had problems with our brick joint trowel wearing out too fast, but after surface hardening these with Expanite’s technology, test results showed that the tools last 7 times longer" says owners Jens Seest Knudsen and Jesper Bruun.

Expanite continues the development within surface hardening of titanium

To complement and expand our current offerings within surface hardening of titanium, including ExpaniteHard-Ti, we recently added a new furnace to the treatment centre in Denmark. 

Customer satisfaction survey

At Expanite we are constantly working to improve our service to you, and a cornerstone in this strategy is our yearly customer satisfaction survey. We have asked the same questions since 2013 with the purpose of getting your honest feedback on the Expanite service, pricing, product quality etc. We therefore hope that you will spend a few minutes (it’s only 10 questions) in filling in the Expanite Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020. 
We really appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve our services to you.

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